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Fertility Care in Kelowna


Reproductive health is extremely important to most people and it is especially distressful when something goes wrong, like being unable to reproduce naturally.  Natural fertility care clinic like Cherish FertilityCare is a place that helps people who are in need of answers as to why they are not able to conceive a child through sexual intercourse. is staffed with consultants who can conduct tests to track down the source of the problem and help infertile couples or individuals reach their goal of getting pregnant using two main methods NaProTechnology and The Creighton Model System

Most women are able to conceive within the first year after deciding to have a baby. However, if conception does not happen after a year of trying, then your doctor will do some basic fertility tests before he or she recommends you start looking into fertility clinics. Having your doctor recommend a clinic is a great idea, but you should do some research on your own as well before you choose any fertility clinic.

Your goal is to make sure that you find the clinic that is the best for you, as this is a huge step in your life. You want to make sure that the clinic has a good success rate, one that is at least above the national average. Some other important qualities that you want to have in any fertility clinic you choose is good quality control, great ethics, and compatibility with your goals.

Cherish FertilityCare in Kelowna, BC, Canada has all those qualities, they are compassionate, listens to your concerns, and explains things to you in a way you understand. With the help of NaProTechnology and The Creighton Model System approaches a woman is able to track her fertility cycle because the technology fosters understanding of a woman’s body. The basic idea is that a woman is aware of when she is fertile by paying attention to her body’s signs and symptoms as explained by the trained professional. Some natural signs include vaginal mucus, basil body temperature (BBT), cervix potion, and calendar. The woman and her partner can then make informed decisions about their fertility.

People choose to use these methods for a variety of reasons. A women may use natural fertility methods simply to learn about her own body. Some couples track fertility when trying to conceive. Others want to postpone pregnancy. Whatever the reason, using NaProTechnology and The Creighton Model System is natural, inexpensive, eco-friendly, empowering, and effective.

1. Kelowna Natural Fertility Care

There are no artificial hormones and no side effects. Fertility awareness works with the woman’s cycle, not against it. Everyone’s body is different, and the Creighton Model System accounts for that. There are natural options for different times in her life such as breastfeeding, menopause, etc.

These methods are based on science! Sperm can live up to 5 days in a fertile environment. Once the egg is released, it’s viable for about a day. Thus, a couple is fertile for approximately one week each cycle (give or take a few days). A woman’s body provides signs and symptoms indicating ovulation. By tracking these signs, the couple determines their fertility window and makes decisions accordingly.

2. Eco-friendly

Fertility awareness methods have a low environmental impact. There are no artificial hormones, no drug manufacturing, no pill packs going to landfills.

3. Empowering

Natural family planning works with the woman’s fertility, giving her awareness of her own body. Fertility awareness promotes respect for the whole person and fosters openness to life. By tracking the woman’s signs, the couple knows they are fertile. This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions towards achieving their fertility goals. When couples share in the responsibly of their fertility, they tend to have more open communication.

4. Effective

Fertility tracking is often used for achieving pregnancy. Couples consult fertility clinic to determine when they are most likely to conceive. This is a natural solution for many struggling to have children. Couples have a better chance of conceiving if they have intercourse during the fertility window.

By consulting Brigitte Diemand from Cherish FertilityCare you will enjoy all the discussed above benefits, you just have to go online get all contacts information from the clinic’s website.