Natural Fertility Care for Childless Couples

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Childless Couples Option For Natural Fertility Care


Most adults are going to want to have a child of their own at some point in life. This is just a natural part of being human. Our biological makeup will let us know when it is time to bring children into the world. Many people can make children on their own. However, some couples are not so fortunate. Fertilitycare options do exist for people who can’t make babies. The only drawback to these options is that they are invasive procedures. Thankfully, there are natural fertility care options for childless couples to create a baby.

Common Procedures

Childless families that decide to use common treatments typically have two options available for making babies. The first is known as intrauterine insemination or IUI. This process requires a healthy sperm specimen to be collected and inserted into a woman’s uterus when she’s ovulating. The second method is known as in vitro fertilization or IVF. A woman’s eggs are taken from her ovaries and they’re fertilized by sperm in a lab. Once the eggs and sperm are combined, they are then developed in embryos inside of the lab area. After this happens, the embryos are then placed inside of a woman’s uterus.

Another form of fertilization is known as assisted reproductive technology or ART. ART consists of a few types of surgical procedures. They are designed to give sperm an easier process with fertilizing an egg. Keep in mind that medications are often used with the surgical process. Medications are typically inserted into a female’s hormones and ovulation which are both an important part of the reproduction process. Cryopreservation, egg or embryo donation and gestational carriers are other forms of assisted reproductive technology.

Natural Planning

The above options listed for assisted reproduction are invasive procedures. They do require some sort of method for sticking sperm and/or embryos inside of a female. If you or your partner are not comfortable with these procedures, then you should consider natural planning.

What is natural planning?

Natural planning focuses on having a baby the natural way. This process involves physical health, eliminating harmful substances and understanding a female partner’s ovulation cycle. Each of these factors (and many other criteria) increases a couple’s chances with conceiving a child. Let’s take a closer look at the attributes of natural planning.

• Know your Ovulation Cycle

Ladies, your ovulation cycle is extremely important for you to make a baby. When you’re ovulating, your body is very ready for you to conceive a child. You should time intercourse when your ovulation period is taking place. You can figure out when your ovulation cycle takes place by using the calendar method. Once you have this information, you and your partner will increase your chances of making a child. You can also check your ovulation cycle is through our cervical mucus and by using a basal thermometer. Both procedures can also help you to determine your best time for ovulation.

• Physical Activity and Nutrition

Physical activity or exercise is essential to having a baby. Cardio is important for air and blood flow. Physical activity also helps you to maintain your weight more effectively. Good nutrition is also a part of this process as well. Eating healthy foods and staying away from junk and processed food sources will also help you to improve your chances of making a baby.

• Avoid Harmful Substances

Couples, you must avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes, certain pharmaceutical drugs and narcotics. Alcohol might be something else a couple wants to avoid as well. If you do decide to drink, do so in moderation.

Get a Fertilitycare Coach to Help you through this Process

A fertilitycare coach is an individual that helps childless families through the planning process. They can help a couple with managing their anxiety and stress related to birthing a child. They can also provide you with different ways to carry out natural reproduction methods, motivate you to stay committed to your goal of having a child and helping you to make decisions that will help you to reach your goal. Natural fertility planning is a practical alternative to invasive fertility practices. With the right preparation and healthy support system, you could have the baby you always wanted.